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Central Florida riding school lessons and amateur junior riders champion training with Arabian horses for sale. Our Arabian horses for sale have a solid pedigree and a track record of success. Combined with our Central Florida riding school lessons, this makes a winning combination.

Our students having earned 7 National Championships, 6 Reserve National Championships and over 50 Top Tens. Attend our Central Florida riding school lessons to obtain the victories you seek.

Amateur junior riders champion training and Arabian horses for sale at this Deland stables as well as stud farm services from a Kendall champion breeding trainer.

In addition, our import export quarantine facility has served many countries and is ready to assist you with importation from chestnut or pure black Arabian show horse breeders world-wide.

Liz Langford established this company in 1972 and is located in the heart of Deland's horsecountry.  Just 15 minutes from Daytona Beach International Airport, Liz Langford offers some of the finest pedigrees in America, get and grandget of *Padron, *Muscat, *Bask, *Antey and Ar-Nett Perlane.

We have top perfers who have won Nationally in Open as well as ohter Exhibitor categories.  We are a full service practice and breeding facility with our customer's best interest in mind.

Since we began our client participation program, our representatives have earned: 7 National Championships, 6 Reserve National Championships and over 50 Top Tens.

Our Farm prides itself on producing top performance that the exhibitors can take into the show ring and come out with Regional and National Titles.

Doree Lamm, trainer/instructor has a degree in Education from the University of Miami. Although we specialize, Doree brings with her years of experience with several breeds, including having competed at Madison Square Gardens as a child.

Another aspect of our service is assisting in all areas of Import and Export complete with quarantine facilities.

Please take this opportunity to see our success list and take a look at our latest winnings and performances in the news section.   Please let us know what else you would like to see or if you have any comments about the rest of our site and we will do what we can to meet your requests.

Purebred usage of leather saddle hunt seat styles directed by Liz Langford, a national Championship qualified judge. We offer pure black, chestnut and pedigrees that yield performance. See your stallion grazing on our land or ride horseback in our corral, or watch the Jrs.
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We hope that you will find this site useful and that you will return soon to educate yourself and enjoy more of your time on horseback. As you travel the world to discover the highest-quality pro services, we know that you will find that we provide our services at the top of the spectrum of available services. Further, when it comest to equitation and equestrian enjoyment and competition education, you can do little better than coming to our place. Enjoy the quality equipment and staff that we provide as you continue your growth into a competitive equestrian. As you learn to handle the barrels, jumps and simple marching, you will trot your way to blue ribbons and trophies. Enjoy the process and the success that we can help you to achieve.